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Know what that means? It means I don't want random people I don't know reading about my slow decent into madness. So, if you are already a friend, you don't have to post. (Unless you want to say hi and show everyone that reads this post that you are spiffy enough to be my friend.) IF you would like to be added to my friends, please post here. And keep in mind, I don't know your LJ name, so let me know who you are. Danke.
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This was stolen from a friend's LJ. All I have to say is: Look at who originally posted this, then laugh your ass off the entire way through her "definition and identification". Seriously. Bring a box of tissues and strap on your seat belt, this shyte is too funny to come from this source.

I need your number!

GAH! I just had to do YET ANOTHER factory reset on my piece of shyte cell phone! This time, I lost about 75% of my contacts. >.< Please text, email me
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GAH! I just had to do YET ANOTHER factory reset on my piece of shyte cell phone! This time, I lost about 75% of my contacts. >.< Please text, email me <inkygrrl (at) gmail (dot) com> your numbers, because chances are good my cell phone ate them. I *HATE* this phone!

BPAL for Sale!

I am selling off my BPAL collection. All 5mL bottles are Limited Edition scents from 2006 and 2007, or from Inquisitions from 2008 and 2009. Most Imps are General Catalogue scents, with a few exceptions. Some are decants of Limited Edition scents, some are "frimps" that were never available for sale. All scents were cleanly tested once, or simply just sniff tested. All bottles are lab full. 5mL bottles are $30, LE decants and Frimps are $5, GC Imps are $3. Shipping is USPS Standard $5 in a bubble mailer. This list is going here and on my Facebook. Whatever is left after a week is going on Ebay and to be sold in lots. First come, first served. Please email me at inkygrrl@gmail. I accept Paypal.

5mL Bottles ($30):

Jacob's Ladder


The Gaoler's Daughter

Agony (Heartache)

Playing With a Loaded Gun


Fire Phoenix


Sugar Skull

Rose Red


The Darkling Thrush

Ecstasy (True Love)


Midnight Mass

Dr. John Steward


Trick #1


LE Decants and FrImps ($5):


The Oblation


Dolce Stil Nuovo



Red Lantern


Night's Pavillion

Gennivre, L'Artiste du Diable

The Phantom Calliope

The Candy Butcher

Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

Pulcinella & Teresina

The Organ Grinder


Violet Ray

Spare Change




Yuletide 2005

Imps ($3):

Mouse's Long Sad Tale

The Hamptons

Queen Mab




White Rabbit

Juke Joint

Windward Passage

Jezirat al Tennyn

Black Hellebore


Pannychis (x2)


Loup Garou

Love's Torment


Versailles (x2)


#20 Love Oil (x2)

House of Night


La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Temple of Dreams

Madrid (x2)


The High Priest Not to be Described





Queen of Hearts





Mad Hatter



Black Tower (x2)


Ode on Melancholy

A Countenance Forboding Evil


The Ghost

Black Cat



Death on a Pale Horse


Red Devil


The Apothecary

Tzadikim Nistarim


Santa Muerte





La Belle Au Bois Dormant






Old Scratch

The Little Sparrow




Sri Lanka

Dance of Death




My Next Great Adventure

Yup, I am moving...again! On Wednesday September 15th, 2010 I will be on a plane headed to the Left Coast, followed by my cats a couple days later.

I realized that I needed to work on myself for awhile. It’s time to stop living for others and really start doing what I want and need to do. Technically, I have been on my own for many, many years now. I am going to move to the other side of the country and spend all my spare time & energy working on myself; getting better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Probably sounds kind of redundant but there is the truth of it.

I have things in my life that have to be made priority one: Getting back into school and getting this Psychology thing to work for me. Helping my family however I can. Getting in to see good Doctors and getting myself as well as I possibly can. And as always, indulging the Gypsy in me. I feel that I can best go about this by Stabbing Westward...err...moving Westward.

Many wonderful friends have offered up love and support throughout this turbulent time, and I love you all for doing so. Thank you!

I am moving on a “less than” shoestring budget and any and all help is appreciated. I am currently unable to work a normal 9-5 job due to my varied medical issues. For those of you who are unaware, I have sustained spinal injuries in a handful of car wrecks, have an advanced case of Fibromyalgia, suffer from severe insomnia, chronic migraines, and some other Mental/Neurological problems. I have applied for Social Security Disability, been “automatically” rejected, and am currently in the appeals process. My lawyer has told me that the appeals process can take upwards of four years and there is no guarantee that my application will then be approved...with a six thousand dollar price tag for his efforts. (I am so in the wrong field.) Both my parents are disabled and have been since I was a young child. Living on Social Security benefits themselves, they cannot offer me any financial assistance. I'm not asking anybody to just “PayPal” me money for no reason. No. I am offering barter or trade. I will happily teach workshops, classes, offer instruction, tutor, give performances, sell curiosities, and a host of other odd jobs. I have training, experience, knowledge or all three in BDSM, Fire Dancing, Teaching, Sewing, Painting, Sound Tech, Computers, Tarantulas, Tattoos, Piercings, Jewelry Making, Modeling, Writing, Bartending...Skills, I has them! I am unable to work an 8 hour shift, but multiple 1-2 hour shifts are absolutely possible.

I am cross-posting this to my Facebook & Live Journal. Please, feel free to link to it, comment on it, email me, message me, IM me, text me, send carrier pidgins, telepathically message me, or whatever else it takes.

When I board that plane, I will be leaving a piece of my soul behind. I never expected this to happen, but if I have any hope of getting to where I NEED to be in life, then I have no other choice in the matter. Right now, I need my friends and loved ones by my side.

Roadtrip Dates

August 20th - 25th Chicago, Corey
September 24th - 31st Colorado, Orion's Wedding
October Open (4-6 Chicago Riotfest?)
November Open (Pennsylvania Con Randy?)
December Open (3 - 6 New York Matt?)
January - Memphis, ShadowCon
February 13th - 20th New Orleans, Annual Massacre Party
July 29 - August 12 Pennsic 40, Emily

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I am selling off half to three quarters of my BPAL collection. That should be about 70 imps and 20 5mls, give or take. Let me know if you would like a list before I list them on and Ebay. They are all FULL, cleanly tested ONCE. Some Imp labels are not pristine. If you care about labels, inquire.

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New Groups

I have created a few new groups.
One for my dreams. I rarely remember my dreams upon waking, but when I do, I will post them here. Reply if you want to be added to this group.
Another group for stories I make up. I used to make up stories all the time. I used to write a lot. I always thought I would have published at least one of my novels by now. But they were on the harddrive of the computer I lost during Katrina. All the backups were lost as well. I don't write anymore, but I've been missing it. I want to start writing again, when the fancy strikes me, especially with so much down time lately. I can't promise to update frequently. Reply if you wanted to be added to this group.
I also created a group about sex. It's a place to muse about sex and my sex drive, explore new things, record fantasies, make lists of BDSM gear to buy, etc. This is a limited invitation only access to this group. My SOs, my best friend and sex therapist, my Mistress. I can't think of anyone else that needs access to this journal. Unless you think you can contribute intelligently to the entries. NSFW. Reply if you think you can be of use in this journal and I will consider adding you to this group.
I will also create a photo group once I get another Digital Camera or decide my 35mm is worth the hassle and money. Who knows when that one will even be created.

Hot or Not

So, Jay started a "Hot or Not" account for me. I thought it was a goofy waste of time. And then, I looked at it as a social experiemnt. I got curious what these guys had to say. You see, Hot or Not has a dating site aspect to it. And I got curious what you say to someone? I've never been on a dating site before, and I'm not the type to walk up and say Hi to a stranger. And I got to thinking: You don't know this person. You have seen a picture of them, and read a little introductory bio. You think you might like to meet them. You have one shot to impress them. To stand out from the hundreds of other emails they recieve. You have to make not only a great first impression, you have to make them want to respond to your email and maybe set up a date. How do you do that? What do you say that is going to set you apart from the average person? Well, here are some of the messages I have recieved:

five days ago
u do know u can talk to me... i wont bite....

six days ago:
six days ago:
How are you tonight Inky?
five days ago:
Good morning Inky
three days ago
Hello Inky. What pat of town are you in?

user: XXXXX
three days ago
how u doin?? 1974 model, one previous owner,low miles, full service history, five speed gear box and in need of a new owner. I'm a vintage so more suitable for being taken out on a weekend.....apply within. lol what do you think ? hope you at least had a laugh...

user: XXXXX
four days ago
Hi so do you have a bf or a husband?

user: XXXXX
five ays ago
like this 1 time at gorgeous ass princess camp
I um um um---thought i saw u there...where not only were u da camps president..but also a past client and ceo of camp gorgeous ass princess camp....or i think it was u...but upon further inspection? XXXXX by the way...tis an honor

user: XXXXX
five days ago
hi how are you?

user: XXXXX
five days ago
u chat?
three days ago
u like big dicks?

None of these guys had anything intelligent to say! Well, the guy hawking himself as a car was funny and inventive and gave the conversation a jumping off point. But none of these other goons did! I mean, come on! Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Make me believe you passed second grade English! Ugh! I think every week or so, if I keep this up, I will post some of the messages I get. This is kinda fun! Feel free to snark away, I certainly did in my replies to these guys. And I responded to every one.